He gave me a Cornelis Hollander!

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We received the ring and it is PERFECT! Thank you so much, we will def be returning over the years to come.


I am beyond amazed at how beautiful my ring is. I receive compliments on it daily.

Thank you for all that you do, enjoy!

Hello Christa,

I just arrived home last night and was presented my ring!

I LOVE my ring - it is stunning and seems to fit perfectly

I have to tell you this story: A few months ago a lady was showing us venues for the wedding reception in SF and when she looked at my ring she instantly said it reminds her of this jeweler in AZ (Your Store)

Received my beautiful ring this am. Thank you so much for the quick sizing and mailing. I appreciate the great service. I will highly recommend your store to everyone.

Please thank Charlene also, she was a super nice saleslady and very helpful in making my decision.

Thank you again. I am swamped at work here but the beautiful amethyst gives me pleasure to work away!!!

Dear Cornelis,

Wow! You found the perfect diamond for my ring – Thank you! It is secure and brilliant ! I love it !

I wanted to thank you again for your and Cornelis' help with the engagement ring. It looked absolutely beautiful. She was very excited and said yes. We will both be in town in January and are looking forward to coming by the shop and checking out wedding bands. Thanks again for everything

I would like to tell you how wonderful it was to meet you. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

The ring you crafted is absolutely spectacular. Use of our existing diamonds and gold was genius.

This is a piece that will be treasured forever. I know that more pieces will be ordered by us as your custom work is stunning.

The WOW factor is almost unbelievable. I searched for about a year before deciding on Cornelis Hollander to craft such a sentimental piece of jewellery for us.

We can't wait for us to decide on our next 1 of a kind design. You are the master and have earned our trust and loyalty. We have many other pieces of gold and precious stones that we would love for you to redesign for us. Your contemporary vision of design is truly unique and your choices in other stones besides diamonds is inspired to say the least.

I loved the no pressure aspect of discussing the possibilities and was especially impressed that the price possibilities were open to fit all budgets. Truly a real treat to speak to you. You’re an everyday kind of guy and very helpful with great ideas for all price points. You don't have to be a millionaire to receive a special individual piece of fine jewellery whether it's a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings for that someone special.

Thank you again so much, we remain,

Yours Truly

Choosing the Engagement Ring that is Right for Her

Engagement Ring

Find the perfect girl…check. Ask her father for permission to marry her…check. Purchase the perfect engagement ring…hmmmm. For many people – men and women – the task of shopping and picking out an engagement ring, which is a symbol to their love, can be an extremely daunting one. To ease the stress associated with ring shopping, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide, full of helpful tips.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

  1. Decide Your Budget

Two months’ salary is typically what the average person is willing to set down on a engagement ring. The key is to make sure you are completely comfortable with its cost. You should avoid taking out a loan, dipping into your 401k, or racking up a hefty credit card charge. It’s simply never a good idea to start a new chapter with debt.

  1. Metal Type

Check your significant other’s existing jewelry, or ask her family and friends for advice, as to what metal type she will prefer. The options are limitless – you can choose from Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, Sterling Silver, Platinum or Palladium. Keep in mind the fact that the price of the ring will vary depending on the type of metal you choose.

  1. Stone Shape

Do you know what stone shape she’d prefer? When considering shape, it’s important to remember that she will be wearing this ring 24/7, for the rest of your lives. It’s best to go with a classic shape to ensure it works with everything from jeans to formal attire. You’ll find diamonds in a wide array of shapes including:

  • Emerald
  • Square
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Marquise
  • Pear
  • Heart
  1. Learn the 4Cs

Let’s face it: Engagement ring shopping is stressful! But it’s also one of the most memorable moments you’ll have in your life. Before even stepping into a jewelry, it’s a good idea to study up on the 4Cs of diamonds – cut, carat, clarity, and color. Diamond color and diamond clarity is discussed more in-depth below…

When it comes to diamond color, grades D through F are going to cost you the most, as they are colorless. Colors G through J are near colorless. Colors N through R are very light. Colors S through Z are the lightest colored diamonds there are. While anything under a J is going to be less expensive; they shouldn’t really be considered if you’re looking for quality.

Diamond clarity should also be considered. A grade of FL means flawless. A flawless diamond comes with a hefty price tag. The scale continues down IF (internally flawless), VVS1 and VVS2 (very, very slightly included), VS1 and VS2 (very slightly included), SI1 and SI2 (slightly included), and I1, I2 and I3 (included). These diamonds are quite different in terms of quality.

  1. Ring Size

To avoid any awkwardness when you’re down on one knee, it’s a good idea to find out her ring size, preferably without ruining the surprise factor. The best way to accomplish this is take a ring – one that she isn’t wearing – down to the jeweler to have it sized. Try to avoid taking one that she wears frequently.

  1. Consider Going Custom

Going custom is less expensive than you’d think so don’t let the thought scare you away. Many jewelers offer custom jewelry design, which allows your significant other to have a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. With customization, you can take the setting from one ring, and stone from another and combine them together to make the perfect ring.