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Ready to get engaged? If your answer is yes, then it is time to start shopping for engagement rings and wedding bands. At Cornelis Hollander Designs, our jewelry design showroom, near Phoenix Arizona, will inspire you and guide you in the right direction towards finding the perfect engagement ring and wedding bands. We offer a great selection of womens and mens wedding bands, diamond engagement rings, anniversary rings, promise rings and bridal ring sets in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bridal ring sets, also known as wedding ring sets, take the guessing out of finding a separate engagement ring and a wedding band that will go together. A bridal ring set is a flawless integration of both an engagement ring and a wedding ring, expertly blended together to create the perfect combination of both bands. Traditionally the wedding band is added to the engagement ring during the marriage ceremony. When creating the bridal ring set, the engagement ring and the wedding ring are perfectly paired by pattern, precious metal and design.

When the engagement ring is worn individually, it is a beautiful piece of art that she will be proud to showcase and when worn together with the wedding band, the ring is transformed into a stunning upgraded version that beautifully represents a love to last a lifetime. Every bridal ring set is unique, carefully crafted and designed by the award winning professional jeweler, Cornelis Hollander. Our wide selection of bridal ring sets, in Phoenix Arizona, are sure to fit every bride's dream selection.

We truly want to help you find the diamond bridal ring set that will make her and him proud to say, "I do." So, we also offer customizing services like the option to create your own bridal ring set or add your unique personal touch to an existing ring set. We will gladly assist you in designing your own bridal ring set creation. At Cornelis Hollander Designs you can discover the perfect bridal ring sets, diamond engagement rings and wedding bands so that you can be ready for that wonderful "on bended knee" moment.